Traveling with a Violin

Every musician has a deep affection for their instrument and, nothing could be more fun than bringing it on a trip. However, the fear that traveling with delicate instruments like violin could impact quick damage and wear often prevents many from taking them on trips. The following tips can help you to travel safely with your violin. 

Know the Airline Regulations for Traveling with a Violin 

While airlines will allow you to bring along a violin in your carry-on luggage, there are specific regulations regarding the recommended sizes, weights and numbers. The rules may vary from one airline to another. To avoid any delays or issues at the airport, be sure to check your airline policy for boarding with a violin. The airline regulations will give you a better idea of the things to consider for a hassle-free trip with your instrument. 

Find a Suitable Violin Case 

Whether you are going on a short or long haul trip, a standard violin case is the best enclosure to carry the instrument. A standard violin case has personalized spaces for the instruments and its accompanying parts like the bow. It also has soft padding to cushion the violin from dents or scratches during movements. The case also has straps to hold the instrument in place during transportation.  It is also secured with a lock to ensure the safety of all its contents while on transit. 

Loosen the Strings before Packing the Violin 

Before you put the violin into its case, it is usually advisable that you loosen the strings. The case generally protects the instrument but, fluctuations in humidity and temperatures on the plane might impact tension on it. Such changes could cause warping on the bridge and damage the instrument. Loosening the strings will reduce tension on the violin in case the changes occur, thereby preventing damage. 

Bringing your violin on the trip could be a great way to experience the world while also doing the things that you love. Following the tips discussed above will enable you to achieve just that.