How to Ensure Travel Doesn’t Put You in Debt

You dream of traveling to a distant place to get away from home for a while. Unfortunately, you fear that travel can put you in debt. So, does this mean you will never get away from home and work? It’s possible for anybody to travel without going broke as long as they take time to plan their trips. Here is a guide on how to ensure that travel won’t put you in debt.

Include Travel Expenses in Your Savings Plan

Start saving for a trip early if it’s a priority for you. Include it in your savings plan then start working towards this goal. Essentially, you should figure out things that you may have to cut form the budget. This may seem like adding a burden to yourself but it is a sure way to ensure that you enjoy great moments away from home.

Budget Your Daily Expenses

Once you have decided to save for your trip, conduct some research. Estimate the amount you will spend every day during the trip. This means you have to conduct research on hotels, restaurants, and other places you wish to visit checking prices. Also consider unexpected costs like changes in plane ticket fees.

Save on Foods

Eating out all the time can be expensive. If possible, stay in places where you get continental breakfast after paying for the room. Saving on breakfast may seem minor but it will save you a significant amount of money during the trip.

Don’t Take Loan to Go on Vacation

Don’t get a loan just to go on vacation. Additionally, don’t charge your vacation expenses on your credit card especially if you don’t have a plan to pay off the amount quickly. Simply put, don’t borrow money just to pay for a trip.

Choose Your Destination Wisely

Traveling to some places is cheaper than traveling to other places. If you have a tight budget, travel to a destination that is closer home. You can visit art galleries and museums within your hometown or in the adjacent town. You can also go to the local national or state park if you don’t have money to cater for long distance travels.

Basically, you need to conduct research and plan carefully to ensure that travel doesn’t put you in debt. Simply follow these tips to budget and plan for your next trip.


What is Eco Travel?

What is Eco Travel

What is Eco Travel?

For those who are familiar with eco-travel, you will agree that the phrase has been interpreted in different ways over the years. And, this has only impacted more confusion amongst travelers who really need to be enlightened on eco-travel. After a long conversation with a buddy of mine that runs Techy Ninjas , an advertising agency out in Texas, and happens to do a lot of traveling, decided he wanted to give me some travel tips that day, and well, I have decided to share those tips with you today. Below is a detailed description of the tips that will help you understand it easily and better.

Definition of Eco-Travel

According to The International Ecotourism Society, eco-travel refers to responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the welfare of the locals. Eco-tourism emphasizes on connecting conservation, communities and sustainable travel.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature describes eco-travel as ‘’environmentally responsible travel to natural areas, in order to enjoy and appreciate nature (and accompanying cultural features, both past and present) that promote conservation, have low visitor impact and provide for beneficially active socio-economic involvement of local people.’’

While the above definitions might seem different, it is only in the words. Both are advocating for the same thing; responsible traveling.

Principles of Eco-Travel

There are certain guidelines that travelers should abide by in order to ensure eco-travel. These guidelines are mainly push for activities that promote eco-travel. They include;

  • Minimizing impact
  • Building environmental and cultural awareness and respect
  • Providing positive experiences for travelers and locals
  • Providing direct financial benefits for conservation
  • Providing financial benefits and empowerment for local people
  • Raising sensitivity to the political, environmental and social climate of the host country

Based on the definition and principles of eco-travel above, it is clear that the bigger idea is asking travelers to always try to leave the places that they visit better than they found them. Travelers can contribute to this course in many ways, for instance, buying goods and services that benefit the locals, staying in accommodations that are ecologically sound and supporting local environmental conservation initiatives.

In a nut shell, eco-travel mainly requires that you travel the green way.

Tips for Traveling With In Laws

Tips for Traveling With In Laws

Tips for Traveling With In Laws

Traveling with your parents can seem a little tricky but, your in-laws? That’s just so tense! However, it does not have to be that serious. With proper advice and common sense, you can find traveling with in-laws to be quite fun and life changing. It could take a while before you figure things out clearly but, the tips below can smooth things out and enable you enjoy the trip.

Discuss the Trip with Your Spouse In Advance

It is not enough to tell your spouse that you are planning a trip with the in-laws. Your other half should be in the know about everything related to the trip in advance. Agree on all the aspects of the trip including, attractions, things to do, when to leave and return. When laying out the plan, consider things that your in-laws will also be interested in.

Schedule Your Time Alone As A Couple

When on an adventure with a group, it is important to set aside some time to reconnect with your spouse. You can take a stroll on the beach, go out for a dinner for two or retire to bed early.

Bring Humor

Even if you think you know your in-laws too well, you could still be surprised at the stunts they pull off when on an adventure. However, there is no reason to take things seriously. Instead, try to find humor in every situation to keep the fun going.

Keep Your Hands Busy

However much you try to relax, being around your in-laws for so long will make you feel uneasy. To ease out the tension and even get a few minutes to wander off, find something to do on behalf of the group like taking photographs.

With the tips discussed above and a little confidence, you will find there is nothing really intimidating about traveling with in-laws. In fact, it can be one of your most memorable experiences.

Tips for Traveling With a Group of Friends

Tips for Traveling With a Group of Friends

Tips for Traveling With a Group of Friends

Group trips are becoming a popular trend across the world right now. While they offer wonderful experiences, group adventures can also go terribly wrong if you do not know how to conduct yourselves. Unlike when you are alone, traveling with a group of friends require that you maintain certain standards to ensure everyone has a good time. Below are tips for traveling with a group of friends that can help you make your adventure fun and memorable.

Plan Things Together

Once you have decided to travel together, it is important to involve everyone in all the decisions regarding the trip. In fact, planning all the aspects of the trips together is fun and will save you a lot of time. Sometimes, plans may change along the road. But, even in such cases, all members need to be involved in the decision making.

Get To Know What Irritates Your Friends  

Whenever you travel with friends, it is easy to do or say things that might annoy others. So, take time to know the things that annoy your partners. While at it, you should also tell them about the things that might rub you the wrong way.

Be Patient with Each Other

It is normal that you will not always agree on everything. In case someone disagrees with you, find more sober and realistic ways to reach a common ground. Avoid arguments and outbursts as much as possible. Besides, you should also be flexible enough to adapt to different situations.

Respect Each Other’s Privacy

Traveling alone does not mean that you have to do everything together. Remember everyone needs their own space at some time. So, if someone wants to take a stroll down the street alone, respect that.

Traveling with a group of friends should be exciting and an ideal opportunity to create lasting memories. With the above tips and an open mind, you can easily ensure the most remarkable group adventure.


Top Beaches to Travel to in 2019

Top Beaches to Travel to in 2019

Top Beaches to Travel to in 2019

A beach is one of the best places to spend time during vacation. Apart from the sandy shores, warm waters and cool tropical climate, there are lots of things to do and see at the beach. But, due to the variety of options available to travelers, choosing the best beaches to visit can sometimes be challenging. In case you are having problems choosing a tropical destination for your next trip, here are the top beaches to travel to in 2019.

Darkwood Beach, Antigua

Unlike most crowded beaches, Darkwood Beach in Antigua does not have a single building. This makes it feel like the perfect escape destination for those looking to spend their vacation away from the usual hassles. Although some may think it is underdeveloped due to the lack of buildings but, that only makes it more serene and accessible. If you are visiting Antigua, you may also want to check out Valley Church Beach, Runaway Bay, Crab Hill Bay and Dickenson Bay.

Kamalame Cay, Andros, Bahamas

The island of Kamalame Cay, Andros has one of the most spectacular and secluded beaches in the Bahamas. Apart from the beautiful sceneries, it also features a barrier reef that provides a great spot for those who wish to indulge in snorkeling. Other beaches in the Bahamas that you can also visit include Exumas, Cabbage Beach, Cat Island, Paradise Island and Nassau.

Shoal Bay, Anguilla

While it only covers a two-mile radius, Shoal Bay is also an incredible retreat that you should consider visiting in 2019. It has clear waters and soft white sands, ideal for a wide range of water and outdoor activities. Besides, the beach has amazing restaurants, resorts and bars that attract hundreds of visitors from around and beyond. Whenever you are in Anguilla, remember to also check out Maundas Bay, Savannah Bay and Merrywing Bay.

Generally, there are several other beaches that you can still head out to for a great vacation experience. However, the destinations discussed above have the most ideal tropical feel and unique amenities that you need for a truly memorable trip. If you plan to go on vacation in 2019, consider some of these destinations. With proper planning, you will definitely enjoy a truly amazing experience hanging out at any of these beaches.

Connect With Nature and Go to Sint Maarten Island

This is a Caribbean island famous for its picturesque landscape and flourishing floral and faunal habitats. Its natural beaches ashore the Caribbean Sea makes it an ideal destination for a quiet getaway. The emanating aura of this island constitutes balmy lazy noon on the beach, nights with starlit skies and incredible sunsets. Travelers simply surrender themselves to the natural gratification of this paradise and spend a dream vacation.


The capital of the Dutch side, Phillipsburg is not only the commercial precinct in Sint Maarten but also act as the primary gateway in the Caribbean. The town is home to Princess Juliana International Airport from where the famous Maho Bay beach is easily accessible. The planes take off near the beach and fly over it at a low altitude. The lively city also boasts of excellent port anchoring great cruises and charter yachts.

Phillipsburg is shoppers’ heaven. The exclusive boutiques and plush stores lining the front street attract rich American and European tourists with exquisite jewelry, designer clothing, and branded accessories. For budget travelers, there is the buzzing outdoor market in a back street with a completely different aura. Here you will get a variety of items at moderate prices if you know the art of bargaining. From clothes, leather bags, swimsuits, water sports gear to spices, souvenirs and handicrafts you’ll get to buy anything here.

Loterie Farm

Adventurers and nature lovers would find the sprawling 135 acres of lush green nature reserve interesting with a fantastic opportunity to try out some adventure activities like climbing, hiking, mountain biking, trekking and gliding over the tree-top canopy. Hiking through the lush green tropical forest gives you an idea of the island’s rich flora and fauna. Halt at the Hidden Forest Café to dine with some delicious French dishes and wine and then continue your journey to the top of the hill, Pic du paradise. It is the highest spot on the island that offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the island. In short, Loterie Farm offers truly unmatched eco-tourism experience that makes your Caribbean vacation memorable.


Marigot is the capital of the French Collectivity of Sint Maarten in the northern side of the island. The small picturesque town has its unique charm to impress travelers. The town gives an air of Parisian luxury blended with Caribbean liveliness. A beautiful marina and bustling outdoor market held on Wednesday and Saturday are the main attractions of the town. Shopping is duty-free across the island. Like back street in Phillipsburg, you’ll find fashionable clothing, swimwear, souvenirs, trinkets and a variety of items to shop at a much more affordable price than at the selective stores in the town.

This Caribbean island is ‘a dream come’ true for every tourist who loves beaches, tropical warmth and a vast panoramic landscape.  By choosing to travel to Sint Maarten, you will certainly create memories for yourself to cherish for years to come. Tradewinds, tropical heat and a vast untouched horizon of Sint Maarten are its excellent features kept alive by its inhabitants.