Can Traveling Cause Constipation?

Some people get constipated and bloated when traveling. For some people, this happens after or during a flight. Unfortunately, constipation makes travel less enjoyable and uncomfortable. Essentially, travel constipation brings irregularity, cramping, and discomfort.

So, can traveling cause constipation? If yes, what makes a person constipated and bloated when traveling? While some causes are obvious, others are outright surprising. For this reason, take your time to learn about the causes of constipation when traveling to make your next trip enjoyable or even a typical experience.

Traveling Can Make You Constipated

Traveling disrupts your regular schedule. When traveling for days, some people forget to carry their medicine. Also, the overall diet and eating habits change when traveling. On the travel days, you’re likely to eat fast foods. Thus, you move from a healthy, regular, habitual diet to something unusual for your body. That means your bowel pattern may not be accustomed to the kind of food you eat when traveling.

Also, lack of adequate sleep at night and onboard can affect what happens inside the body. If you don’t get sufficient sleep when traveling, your body goes off balance. Traveling across the time zones can also through your regular bathroom routine off balance.

Additionally, your body can be dehydrated when traveling. That’s because your body might not get the usual amount of water during a flight. And this can cause bloating and constipation. Perhaps, that’s why experts recommend hydrating your body when traveling by carrying bottled water.

Also, some people find air travel stressful. Such people can be anxious even when traveling for leisure. And stress can aggravate GI symptoms, including constipation.

Avoiding Travel Constipation

Many factors can cause travel constipation. However, you can avoid this problem by getting adequate sleep, increasing water intake, and eating healthier foods. While this might seem obvious, it can enable you to prevent bloating and constipation when traveling.